We provide a range of services to assist you in making significant transitions in your journey.

Group/ Personal Fitness Session

Group sessions

Our outdoor group sessions are fun and offer a wide variety of activities to keep you from becoming bored. Our aim is to create an enjoyable and social atmosphere while providing the affordability and accountability that a group program provides, whilst getting some effective workouts under our belts, so you can pull them in a notch or two!

The service includes:

Weight Loss, Core Conditioning, Boxing, Cardio Vascular Fitness,

Flexibility / Stretching, Strengthening and Toning

Personal Coaching Sessions

We have a wide variety of one on one program’s available that offer solutions to all of your health needs. Together we discuss the process to achieve your desired results.

One on one session’s are conducted in our exclusive private studio, you also have the undivided attention of  your consultant, which guarantees you get the accelerated results you are looking for. 

The service includes:

A weight loss specialist, A personalised program, Strength and conditioning training, Muscle gain training, Pre and post natal care, Injury rehabilitation, Wellness coaching, Joint mobility (arthritic care), Posture improvement