Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy is a valuable procedure used to assist the body in restoring vibrant health and preventing disease. It may assist in helping many health conditions including constipation, bloating, sluggish bowel movement, irritable bowel syndrome, low immune system, poor digestion and skin problems. Colon hydrotherapy also serves as a great kick start to any weight loss or cleansing program.

We maintain the highest level of hygiene which includes disposable equipment and unit sterilisation. Your I-ACT certified therapist will provide you with all information required about our LIBBE Colon Hydrotherapy System which is TGA registered.

The session takes place in a relaxing private room with soft lighting and ambient music. You position yourself on a reclined unit, in complete privacy, insert a pencil thin tube about two inches into your bottom. The treatment consists of gravity fed, purified water entering the colon which you then gently release. This is performed several times during the duration of this revitalising treatment.


Colon Hydrotherapy

Individual Colon Hydrotherapy treatments $100

First Visit Colon Hydrotherapy treatment $125 includes Consultation, Treatment, Infrared Sauna, 500ml bottle Probiotic, Zeal sample and Dry skin brush.              

First Visit Package 1 $290 Colon Hydrotherapy treatment, Infrared Sauna, 500ml bottle Probiotic, Zeal sample, Dry skin brush PLUS 2 Colon Hydrotherapy treatments.

First Visit Package 2 $360 Colon Hydrotherapy treatment, Infrared Sauna, 500ml bottle Probiotic, Zeal sample, Dry skin brush, PLUS 2 Colon Hydrotherapy treatment and 2 Infrared Sauna


Vitality Club

The Full Circle Health Vitality Club is designed to support our Clients who wish to integrate regular Holistic Cleansing into their lifestyle to maintain optimal wellbeing.


Colon Hydrotherapy Package Savings

Three Colon Hydrotherapy treatments $255 with sauna $345

Six Colon Hydrotherapy treatments  $480 with sauna $630

Twelve Colon Hydrotherapy treatments $900 with sauna $1140


Infrared Sauna

Individual Infrared Sauna $45

Package Savings

Three Infrared Sauna  $105    

Six Infrared Sauna  $198   

“For maintaining optimum health I recommend that you undertake a Detox Program at least twice per year. Regular detoxification with living juices will rejuvenate the body and help
prevent the onset of chronic disease.”
Hilde Hemmes - Author of Detox and Live

Vitality Cleanse $450 per day

Escape to our Retreat in Northern NSW.

Gumtree Retreat a boutique retreat and day spa situated in a tranquil Australian bush setting between Grafton and Coffs Harbour. Only an hour by plane from Sydney - transfer to and from Gumtree Retreat included.
We offer you a choice of cleansing, relaxing and revitalising treatments, personally designed for you to escape, rejuvenateandindulgeinqualitytimeout justforyou!

Our cleansing programs are designed by our certified therapists to meet your individual health considerations. Our healing treatments combined with a nutritious menu consisting of organic cold pressed juices and soups. This will give your digestive system a rest and your body a cleanse from the inside out. Your first day begins with a consultation to design your cleanse. Each day includes luxurious accommodation, delicious cleansing nutrition, rejuvenating body treatments, colon hydrotherapy and infrared sauna.

The ultimate and most effective is a minimum of 6 days, however if you can only escape for a long weekend this is an ideal way to kick start a cleansing and weight loss program. After days of whole body cleansing flushing toxins and kilos, you have a radiant glow, an abundance of energy and inspiration to incorporate cleansing into your life.

“The BEST diet in the world is only as good as the WORST if your colon is not doing its job.”

Holistic Body Cleansing

Experience luxurious treatments customised to internally cleanse your body and externally revitalise your skin. All our treatments can be taken individually or combined together as a treatment package just for you or as a gift for a friend or loved one.

Holistic Beauty

Customised Facials 30min $50 - 60min $90 - 90mins $130

The key ingredients to our facials are the Australian organic skin care products applied by our therapists skilled hands. Your facial starts with a herbal foot spa and includes a foot or hand massage.Every facial is individually designed to give you and your skin the best treatment experience.

Tinting / Waxing

Lash Tint $15 ~ Brow Tint $15 ~ Brow Wax $15 ~ Lip/Chin Wax $12 ~ Half Leg $20 ~ Full Leg $30 ~ Bikini $15 ~ Underarm $15

Ear Candle $55

This ancient ear cleansing technique assists in gentle drainage, and balances pressure in the ears. Sensory of sound is awakened to stimulate lymphatic flow allowing you to breathe easy and feel clear again. Includes facial pressure point sinus drainage.

Treatment Packages

Alive and Revive $145

Begins with herbal salt foot soak followed by an organic facial including upper back/arm massage and pressure point foot massage. (Most popular for men).

Revitalise $145

Begins with herbal salt foot soak, followed by an organic facial and pressure point foot massage including lash tint & brow tidy.

Ultimate Detox Day $295

During your day escape you will receive:
Detox foot bath, colon hydrotherapy treatment, infrared sauna, heritage healers wildflower facial, delicious super food, lunch & refreshments,


Gift Vouchers

Our gift vouchers are available for all our services.
The perfect treat for all occasions. Nothing is more precious than a gift of health, they will love you forever!

Infrared Sauna Detox Box

45min $45

Bring a friend $60

Experience the healing benefits of infrared therapy. Ideal compliment to a cleansing program. The infrared rays enable the body to produce more sweat than in a traditional sauna without the need for high temperatures. Regular sessions may aid in the removal of heavy metals, cellulite (improves muscle tone) and enhance relaxation. Sarong and towel provided.

Ion Detox Footbath 45 min $45

Floods the body with negative ions which are alkalising. Helps to neutralise accumulated acid wastes (uric, lactic acid). Produces hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) - oxygen is the chief detox molecule in the body, nature’s most potent anti microbial agent. May improve regular sleep quality, supports skin health, enhances energy and cleansing treatments.

Hypnotherapy 1hr  $70

Our Hypnotherapist Christine Kerr has over thirty years experience in Wellbeing. Graduating with a Masters in Hypnotherapy in California USA in 1983 . Christine brings a wealth of knowledge, with a long list of healing modalities such as; Past life regression, Reiki, Counselling, Spiritual healing PLUS many more.




Manicures and Pedicures

Hands $55

Feet $55

Your treatment includes: Aromatherapy foot or hand soak, nail shaping, skin exfoliation filing of dry skin build up, cuticle conditioning, aromatherapy pressure point massage, polish