Cleansing adds life to your years and years to your life

Has your digestive system slowed down?

IMG_1025.jpgIdeally you should be experiencing 1-2 bowel movements per day, maybe you are feeling irritable, fatigued, run-down, not sleeping well, have dark circles under your eyes, feeling a little down … treat your body to a Full Circle Colon Hydrotherapy experience.

At Full Circle Health we perform our colon hydrotherapy treatments using the LIBBE TGA registered equipment.

A Colon hydrotherapy treatment hydrates the colon and exercises the colon's natural movement which aids in the removal of waste and toxins that have accumulated in the colon.

A safe gentle internal bath, warm filtered gravity fed water is infused into the colon for up to 45 minutes, our certified therapists will assist you through the whole process.

A restful ambience created by soft lighting and music allows you to completely relax as you cleanse.

We maintain the best practice and highest standard of hygiene which includes the use of disposable equipment.

The pencil thin tube which you insert 1 inch into your bottom privately, provides more comfort than traditional system.

This is unique to the 'LIBBE' state of the art colon hydrotherapy equipment. To thoroughly cleanse the 6ft of your colon a course of treatment maybe required.

A personal program will be designed during your first visit.

Colon Hydrotherapy may help many conditions :
*relief of constipation, *bloating, *sluggish bowel movement, *irritable bowel syndrome, *low immunity, *poor digestion, *irritability, *depression, *skin problems, *great kick start to any weight loss or cleansing program