More and more research is surfacing to support Hippocrates age old comment. A healthy gut leads to a healthy body, mind & life!
Colon Hydrotherapy is a great way to cleanse the gut and boost overall health and wellbeing.

Our internationally certified team will assist you through the whole process
performing treatments using equipment approved and licensed in Australia.

We provide personalised health treatments in a private, safe and supportive environment


What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

Infusion of gravity fed, temperature regulated, purified water into the Colon
to Hydrate - Activate & Eliminate accumulated waste.

Our body has an innate ability to cleanse itself naturally with the colon taking a significant role in this process.

Support detoxification Aid, in HYDRATION & removal of ACCUMULATED WASTE in the Colon.

Improve Digestion, Aid weight loss, Increased energy, Mental clarity & Skin conditions acne/ psoriasis

Enhance & Support your
cleansing experience...


Relax and enjoy a great sweat in our infrared sauna. Regular sauna sessions may help relieve achy muscles, aid in exercise recovery, increase vitality and overall well-being. Great for heavy metal detox!

Lymphatic Massage and Compression therapy

Our Lymphatic techniques and compression therapy are effective for reducing oedema, activating circulation and supporting recovery after exercise. You will leave so relaxed!


Enhance your cleansing with our delicious nutritional take home or delivered to your door options. We offer 1, 3, 5 or 7 day bundles. Cleanse yourself to Wellness!

Many of our clients report a boost to their immunity, increased energy levels, improved mental clarity, a glow and smoothness to their skin, optimum support to re-set their health and a great kick start to lifestyle changes.






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Our Clients Say

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"The Team at Full Circle Health were fantastic. The experience was extremely beneficial and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in becoming healthier."


Extremely beneficial.

"This was my first colon hydrotherapy experience and I was pleasantly surprised. I received excellent professional service and will gladly recommend to my friends."


Pleasantly surprised.

"The Team provide a very professional, caring and friendly hydrotherapy and I have found the treatments have helped me so much in getting my health back on track. The session is incredibly discreet and I leave feeling cleansed and energised. This system is far superior than any other colonic system I have used (and I have tried many here and in other countries). Although I did not use the colonics for weight loss I have found it has helped my lymphatic system and digestion and did lose weight so an extra bonus!"


Far superior than any other colonic system I have used.

"I enjoyed my sessions at the clinic , learning from the Team about the digestive system was very enlightening. They are very professional and caring in the way they treat you as a client and highly recommend them and I will be an ongoing client."


Highly recommend.

"Very professional and caring. Very clean and hygienic and effective."


Professional service.

Just a short message to thank you both for an amazing life altering week. I cannot believe how wonderful I feel after the 5 days with you. Habits that have built up over the years have just fallen away effortlessly. Clear mind, light body and grateful heart !!! I’m optimistic, energetic, present and relaxed.


Linda Radford

"Great advice, very professional, immediate results and all-round highly recommended to those who have suffered gut health issues."


Recommend to sufferers of gut health issues.

"Fantastic overall experience! Professional, friendly and attentive staff. Discreet and private sessions in a relaxed environment. Feeling much better for it!"


Discreet and private.

"Amazing staff and know everything about the gut ! Highly recommended!"


Amazing staff.

Our SIGNATURE Cleansing Experience…

Regain renewed strength and vitality by giving your body a reset…rejuvenate from the inside out with our ultimate DETOX packages.

All inclusive options 1,3 ,5 or 7 day whole body cleanses. Enjoy delicious nutrition of cold pressed juices, soups & broths along with a daily Colon Hydrotherapy, Infrared sauna and a Spa body treatment....visit PACKAGES PRICING