Experience luxurious treatments customised to internally cleanse your body and externally revitalise your skin. All our treatments can be taken individually or combined together as a treatment package just for you or as a gift for a friend or loved one.


First Visit Colon Hydrotherapy treatment
Price: $145

Includes Consultation, Treatment, Infrared Sauna, 500ml bottle Probiotic, includes take home ‘Happy Gut Pack’.

Colon Hydrotherapy & Sauna Bundles

Individual Colon Hydrotherapy treatments
Price: $120
6 pack Colonics
Price: $570 ($95ps)
12 pack Colonics
Price: $1050 ($87.50ps)



Individual Infrared Sauna
Price : $45 with a friend $65
3pk Sauna  Price  : $125
6pk Sauna  Price  : $210
12pk Sauna Price : $360

Three Colon Hydrotherapy treatments
Price: $300

with three saunas $390

Six Colon Hydrotherapy treatments
Price: $540

with six saunas $720

Twelve Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions
Price: $1020

with twelve saunas $1380

Holistic Body Cleansing & Treatment Packages

Alive and Revive
Price: $145

Begins with herbal salt foot soak followed by an organic facial including upper back/arm massage and pressure point foot massage. (Most popular for men).

Price: $145

Begins with herbal salt foot soak, followed by an organic facial and pressure point foot massage including lash tint & brow tidy.

Ear Candle
Price: $55

This ancient ear cleansing technique assists in gentle drainage, and balances pressure in the ears. Sensory of sound is awakened to stimulate lymphatic flow allowing you to breathe easy and feel clear again. Includes facial pressure point sinus drainage.

Ion Foot Detox
Price: 45 min $45

Floods the body with negative ions which are alkalising. Helps to neutralise accumulated acid wastes (uric, lactic acid). Produces hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) - oxygen is the chief detox molecule in the body, nature’s most potent anti microbial agent. May improve regular sleep quality, supports skin health, enhances energy and cleansing treatments.

Lymphatic Compression therapy
Price: 45 min $45

Our Lymphatic techniques and compression therapy are effective for reducing oedema, activating circulation and supporting recovery after exercise. You will leave so relaxed!

Holistic & Lymphatic Massage
Price: 60 min $110  90min $150

These packages can be individually tailored to suit your health goals.

Anytime Vitality Cleanse

Depending on your package the following will be included:

Daily nutrition - All freshly prepared

4 delicious coldpressed juices,  1 warm nourishing soup, 1 nut milks smoothie, 1 broth.

Natural supplements and herbal teas.

Cleansing homecare pack- dry skin brush, vitality cleanse book.

1 Colon hydrotherapy session

1 infrared sauna

1 Spa body treatment

Additional extras to further enhance your detox;

nutritional consultation, accommodation & yoga.

Select from our incredible experiences:

Colonic, Infrared Sauna, Ion foot detox with Mineral salt & coffee spice foot scrub, 60min Aroma Facial & a day of delicious nutrition juices, soup & broth. Take home ‘Happy Gut Pack’
Price: $350

Ultimate Refreshing experience includes- Infrared sauna, Ear candle cleanse, 60min Aroma Facial with Brow tidy, Lash tint, Ion foot detox with Mineral salt & coffee spice foot scrub & Refreshments.
Price: $350

Infrared Sauna & 45min Back neck & shoulder Massage OR 45min Aroma Facial & Ion Foot Detox.
Price: $90

A trio of pampering- Infrared sauna, Ion foot detox, 60min Aroma Massage or Facial.
Price: $180

Daily Nutrition, 3 Colonics, 3 Infrared saunas or Ion foot detox, 3 Aroma foot bliss, 3 Zen Chi massage & 3 x 60min Spa treatments.
Price: $990

Daily Nutrition, 5 Colonics, 5 Infrared saunas or Ion foot detox, 5 Aroma foot bliss, 5 Zen Chi massage & 5 x 60min Spa treatments.
Price: $1650

7 Day Rejuvenate
Daily Nutrition, 6 Colonics, 7 Infrared saunas or Ion foot detox, 7 Aroma foot bliss, 7 Zen Chi massage & 7 x 60min Spa treatments.
Price: $2310

Ion foot detox, Aroma foot scrub & pressure point massage.
Price: $65

Holistic Beauty

(only available at Caringbah Clinic)

Customised Facials
Price: 30min $50 | 60min $90 | 90mins $130

Every facial is individually designed to give your skin a relaxed refreshing experience. Our therapist skilled hands will apply organic aromatherapy products that reveal a renewed radiance. Your facial starts with a herbal footspa and includes a foot or hand massage.

Lash Tint
Price: $20

Half Leg
Price: $25

Brow Tint
Price: $15

Full Leg
Price: $35

Brow Wax
Price: $20

Price: $25

Lip / Chin Wax
Price: $15

Price: $20