What other benefits may I expect from colon hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy is not a cure all it is known and may be a valuable procedure to assist the body with a wide variety of symptoms from disease. Symptoms such as low immunity, colon related conditions such as IBS and constipation, healing of skin conditions such as acne and sores, relief from headaches,  fatigue and swelling by improved lymphatic system function.Colon hydrotherapy aids in assisting the colon to eliminate more efficiently relieving any toxic burden on other organs and channels of elimination such as the liver. The colon then functions more efficiently in eliminating waste and nutrient absorbing nutrients.

Will one colon hydrotherapy session completely empty the colon?

Your colon is approximately as long as you are tall so there is a lot of area to cleanse. You can’t cleanse the colon during one session, this is why people normally do a series of colon hydrotherapy sessions to thoroughly cleanse, hydrate and create a better environment. Your therapist will help you design a personal colon cleanse that compliments your health goals.

What is the difference between a colonoscopy and a colon hydrotherapy?

A colonoscopy is a medical procedure performed to view inside the colon. A colon hydrotherapy is the infusion of purified temperature regulated water into the colon to hydrate and activate the removal of accumulated waste.

Will laxatives or an enema accomplish the same results?

No, an enema will only cleanse the very lower rectal and sigmoid part of the colon. Repetitive use of all laxative may lead to irritation, weakening of the colon and can also become habit forming.

Is the procedure SAFE and SANITARY?

Yes, the colon hydrotherapy room and equipment are thoroughly cleaned after ever session. We ONLY use disposable supplies. Our centre is checked and licenced with the council.

Is colon hydrotherapy painful?

No, it should NOT be painful. Occasionally during the session you may experience ‘diarrhoea feeling’ contractions of cramping or gas in your abdomen also with a slight pressure in the rectum like just before having a bowel movement. As you push the water and waste out this feeling passes. Your Therapist will coach you on how to take the water into your colon and gently release the water to make the session as comfortable as possible. After the session you normally feel light in your abdomen and refreshed all over.       That is why we say, “feel great from the inside out”.

Is colon hydrotherapy embarrassing?

Your privacy is of great importance including professional confidentiality. Our colon hydrotherapy rooms are designed to give you a private relaxing experience and you are completely covered from the waist down during the entire session.

Do I have to prepare before my treatment?

No, you can have a colon hydrotherapy session without any preparation, however avoiding some foods may allow for an easier and more comfortable treatment. Try not to eat anything 2 hours before your treatment. On the day of your treatment it may help to eat light meals like steamed vegetables, soup, smoothie, vegie juice and salad options. A few days prior to your treatment you may also like to minimise caffeine, alcohol, sugar, meat, bread, soft drinks, heavy and processed foods. This will assist the body with beginning to detox prior to your session. Keep hydrated drinking 1-2 Litres water, herbal teas count for you fluid intake.

What should I do after a colon Hydrotherapy session?

Your Therapist will give you an electrolyte drink and probiotic after your session. Rest for up to 30 mins, many of our clients relax in our infrared sauna after their session.

Eat light and easy to digest foods avoid eating raw vegetables for 24 hours after the session. Steamed vegetables, soups, broths and vegie juices are easier to digest this supports a cleanse. Continue to avoid/minimise caffeine, alcohol, sugar, bread, soft drinks and reduce heavy meat consumption for a few days, lean meats or fish are a lighter option.

Here are some happy colon health tips consume filtered water & fluids, include fibre in the diet from fresh vegetables, fruits and enjoy exercising regularly by stretching, rebounding, bike riding, walking or swimming.

Did you know…

Colon cleansing dates back to 1500 BC as documented by Egyptians Approximately 80% of the immune system is in the gut. Approximately 95% of serotonin is secreted in the gut Bowel cancer is the second most common cancer affecting people in Australia.