What to expect from a Infrared Sauna Session?

Infrared Sauna

Sweating is one of the body safest and most natural ways to heal and maintain good health. Infrared Sauna detox helps you sweat,

Did you know that sauna detox has been widely used as a healthy treatment in alternative medicine for decades? As people are seeking more natural and self-care treatment,

sauna detoxification is getting more and more popular.

Leading principle of sauna detoxification states that the build up of toxic substances can lead to a host of common illnesses.

Ridding the body of these toxins through a natural sauna detox may help relieve symptoms, prevent future illness and increase overall health and vitality.

It is believed that infrared saunas are seven times more effective than traditional sauna.

How it works

Solar carbon infrared heating technology the only technology proven to raise core body temperature by 2 to 3°.

Rather then simply heating the ambient air to draw out toxins, infrared sauna detox will heat the core to expel them.

As a result regular usage will provide a deeper productive sweat where toxins resides at the cellular level.

Health Benefits

Effective for eliminating heavy metals from the tissues as well as toxins like nicotine, alcohol and chemicals.

Infrared therapy helps eliminate excess moisture, salt and subcutaneous fat from the body.

A single sauna session may burn up as many calories as a 30 minute jog.

Deep penetrating heat of infrared saunas dilates blood vessels increasing blood flow and improving circulation which in turn allows more oxygen to reach the muscles and other body tissues.

This makes infrared sauna therapy very effective in treating: Arthritis, Rheumatism, Muscular spasms, soft tissue injuries and pain relief.

Detoxification is important because it strengthens the bodies immune system and helps the bodies biochemical processes function effectively so that we are better able to digests the nutrients in our foods.

Detoxification has also been shown to help with colitis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, auto-immune disease, autism learning and behavioural challenges.  - Dr Rachel West